Turnstile announce new album GLOW ON, share “ALIEN LOVE CALL” featuring Blood Orange

Best known for their mosh pit-fuelling punk music, Turnstile have thrown a bit of a curveball with “ALIEN LOVE CALL,” the latest single from the group’s just-announced album GLOW ON. A collaboration with Devonte Hynes a.k.a. Blood Orange, “ALIEN LOVE CALL” is a sedate and slightly doleful track led by some tender surf-rock guitar strumming. In what is perhaps a nod to the sonic shift, the music video for “ALIEN LOVE CALL” is all HI-8 footage of raucous TURNSTILE concert footage, a heavy contrast to the dulcet tones we’re hearing. Check out the video above. GLOW ON is out August 27 via Roadrunner, and features the songs “Holiday,” No Surprise,” “Mystery,” and “T.L.C. (Turnstile Love Connection)” from the June EP TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION.

Thumbnail photo by Jose Rojas