TWENTY SIX & Jenn Morel make the floor go ‘Bidi Bam’ !

In the aftermath of his biggest hit to date “Buscando Money,” Italian man of the moment TWENTY SIX unveils a certain summer crowdpleaser, teaming up with Dominican phenomenon Jenn Morel for the hot blooded tune “Bidi Bam.” It’s a track that thrives on sweet filtered rhythms, punchy percussion and Morel’s enticing latin vocals, creating a sun drenched vibe that will light up spirits all across this season’s festivals, beach and pool parties. Better go “Bidi Bam” with these two tastemakers, as it’s out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Born and bred Italian DJ/producer Elia Viano aka TWENTY SIX has been making steady waves in the tech house scene these last years. With striking releases on labels like CR2, Happy Techno, Nervous and Glasgow, he’s created a distinctive sound for himself, characterized by warm, immersive rhythms, inventive hooks and organic melodics. 

TWENTY SIX reached multiple high notes with a continuous series of club hits, including 2022’s favorite “Stan.” Earlier this year, he struck a next milestone with “Buscando Money,” a feverish tune that saw him link up with Cuban singer Tayson Kryss. By now, the song racked up widespread DJ support, a tasty HUGEL & Jesús Fernández remix and a whopping 100 million streams on Spotify alone, making TWENTY SIX one of dance music’s freshest producers of the moment.

Which makes this brand new collab with Jenn Morel the more exciting. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, this Los Angeles singer/songwriter has a massive reputation in latin styled hip hop, renowned for her aggressive rhymes, viral videos and enticing stage presence, employing her background as a dancer to full extent. 

While her 2017 debut “Pónteme” still counts as a benchmark for latin dance music, Jenn Morel continued to mesmerize crowds with hot blooded tunes like “Buscando” (with GTA), “Tamo Loco” (alongside HUGEL and Lorna), “Quema” and last year’s “Chapón,” racking up millions of streams, making her one of the most defining singers and influencers of today’s latin scene. 

“Bidi Bam” follows suit, as it seamlessly blends both artists’ respective sounds. Built around TWENTY SIX’ smooth tech house grooves, drenched in filtered effects and warm crescendos, Jenn Morel’s fierce, repetitive vocals form a natural extension of the track’s sun drenched vibe. While her efforts provide the tune with a strong latin stamina, the beat provides simular energy with its tight percussion and soft, meandering synth chords, all wrapped up into an arrangement that’s sure to keep the floor moving. Effectively, you get the ultimate summer tune served up here, moving steady on fresh tech house rhythms, taken to latin bliss on the wings of Jenn Morel’s upwinding rhymes. Just wait for this gem to drop at the first upcoming pool party, and you’ll go “Bidi Bam” in an instant.