Ultra Miami Ends With Only A Few Arrests

Ultra Miami had one of its most successful editions this past weekend. Even with the half-canceled Friday, the lineup and crowd were electric. According to Officer Kiara Delva, a spokeswoman for the Miami Police Department, there weren’t any Ultra-related arrests on Friday. There were only four arrests on Saturday and three on Sunday. Seven in total is impressive with hundreds of thousands in attendance.

Delva reported the cases were for illegal vending, theft, and trespassing. The Miami police searched everybody as they were coming in to make sure there were no weapons or illegal items. They had undercover officers inside, not only looking for individuals looking to prey on victims — but any type of suspicious individuals.

Livestreaming sets from the festival’s main and RESISTANCE stages to an estimated 40 million viewers throughout the weekend.

The dates for Ultra 2025 have already been set. They will be celebrating their 25th anniversary from March 28-30.