Vancouver’s ekkstacy explores loneliness on the gloomy “i want to be by your side”

Rising Vancouver-based artist Ekkstacy has shared his latest single, “I want to be by your side,” a gloomy, indie cut alongside singer herhexx. Airy and introspective, the guitar-driven track is equal parts teen angst and youthful hope for another day.

Making their way through an overcast evening in the city, the visuals find the artists mulling over failures, fears, and isolation. The track serves as the follow-up to “i walk this earth all by myself” and “uncomparable,” both of which dropped earlier this year.

“There isn’t hidden meaning in any of my songs,” Ekkstacy said of the track. “What I say is what I mean. ‘i want to be by your side’ is the perfect example of this. I still miss a certain person, I hope she hears this.”

Watch the video above.

Thumbnail image via PR