Watch Burna Boy’s music video for “23”

Nigerian pop artist Burna Boy is fresh off of a win at the Grammys for Best World Music Album off the back of his project Twice As Tall. That album was partially inspired by his loss at the Grammys in the same category the previous year for 2019’s African Giant, which makes his win (and adorable acceptance speech) even more gratifying.

Burna’s triumph at the Grammys makes the release of his video for “23” all the more timely — the song’s title is a nod to Michael Jordan’s jersey number, while the song itself describes all the ways music has led him to feel similarly victorious. It opens with Burna displaying a certification plaque to a concert audience and proceeds to showcase Burna in flashy outfits, different individuals refining their own talents, and a Pepsi can.

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