Watch Lizzo’s new “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” video

It’s been nearly five years since Lizzo released “Truth Hurts” and three years since it exploded from TikTok to the charts, giving the Detroit-born diva her first number one hit. That track arrived alongside a video in which Lizzo prepares for her wedding, gets married, and celebrates. And today, she’s returned to that narrative for a visual treatment of her Special single “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready).”

The new video, directed by Lizzo herself with help from Christian Breslauer, picks up where “Truth Hurts” left off. Seconds in, it’s revealed that Lizzo’s spouse to be — never pictured in the older track’s visuals — is Lizzo herself, and that she’s having second thoughts. The camera follows her as she runs from the altar and makes her getaway in a red convertible, speeding toward a new life that includes a handsome biker and a party in the desert.

Watch it above.