Watch Paramore bring out PinkPantheress to perform “Misery Business”

Paramore took the stage at Austin City Limits over the weekend, and during a performance of their hit “Misery Business,” the pop-punk group brought out PinkPantheress for a surprise guest spot.

PinkPantheress may have broken out with songs like “Break It Off” and “Pain,” which tapped classic U.K. garage, but her vocal presence clearly owes something to Williams. And from the moment PinkPantheress took the stage, her fandom was apparent: tears of joy were shed, shoes were tossed to the side, and flowers were delivered.

“Thank you for letting me on this stage, it’s so amazing,” an overwhelmed PinkPantheress said. “I’m doing music because of you. I’m not gonna get into it, I just love you so much!” From there, Williams counts down to the final performance of the song’s hook. It’s pretty rare that you see the dreams of an artist so highly regarded play out in real time, and that’s just what’s happening in the video. Check it out above via DIY Mag.

Paramore shared their new song “This Is Why“ in September; a new album is due next year. The band’s current North American tour runs through November.