Wesley Joseph and Jorja Smith take a drive like no other for the “Patience” music video

Walsall rapper, director, and all-around multihyphenate Wesley Joseph will share his debut project ULTRAMARINE tomorrow after spending 2020 building a reputation for iridescent, effortlessly cool music. Today sees the release of “Patience,” a collaboration with Jorja Smith, who is a member of the OG Horse collective along with Joseph. Their creative chemistry is all over their collaboration, a song of deeply textured and futuristic soul music.

Joseph gets equally ambitious for the track’s self-directed music video, streaming above. Co-starring Smith, the “Patience” video is a collage of emotional and often heartbreaking images based around a leisurely drive. “When coming up with the video,” Joseph said in an email, “I knew I wanted there to be a distinctive storyline that provides a metaphoric ‘crash’ of dramatic incidents from different perspectives in life that were all unrelated. I wanted to showcase raw emotions in a way that doesn’t make you too attached to one individual experience, but lets you appreciate it. Life is complex but can be simple at the same time and I wanted the video to reflect that.”