“Who Do You Love?” By Alice The G00N Is Out Now

Rhythm and dance queen Alice The G00N just dropped a wonderful debut track that defies boundaries of genre and style. Channeling her own experiences and authentic feelings, the artist shows us how truly talented she is, taking on some incredible highs and lows. “Who Do You Love?” is a unique piece of art that revolutionizes the meaning of dance music while at the same time introducing a one of a kind artist to global audiences.

“I shift between eras of inspiration constantly when creating; everything happens in my  head. Just going down the earworm hole, whatever genre my vibe lands on is secondary. It  has to move me first,” Alice The G00N says. Blending her love of 60s Murder-City soul, kung-fu flicks, club classics from the 90s, NY  hip-hop, chiptune, gaming, pop divas, and neofuturistic fashion—Alice the g00n flits back  and forth between decades like a timelord and one cannot wait for more!

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