“Willow” By KAIS Will Transport You Into Another Dimension

Feelings of powerlessness, betrayal, and complete brokenness- these are the emotions that haunt every human being at some point in their lives. KAIS’ latest single “Willow” deals with this in a way that is so characteristic of the artist. The song transmits all of the sorrow and loneliness of someone who was betrayed by those closest; it can be felt in the gloomy mood of the song, in the anxious repetition of the exact same guitar chords, and especially in the grim picture painted by the lyrics. “Willow” is an experience, and it has to be felt. 

Speaking about his journey so far and how he first got into music, KAIS said, “Out of all the things in this world, the one thing that always drew me to a higher calling was music. Landing on artists I loved and having their music play on repeat; letting that magic simmer into my being was so empowering and electrifying. It’s always been a daily spiritual cleanse for me, and finding more impactful music than the day before became a personal challenge for me.”

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