Wisemary’s Acoustic Reinterpretation: “Won’t Bow Down Acoustic B-Side”

Won't Bow Down Acoustic B-Side wisemary

Hailing from St. Louis, Wisemary has been a beacon in the local rock scene, known for their compelling covers and authentic sound. Now, they take a bold step with the release of “Won’t Bow Down Acoustic B-Side,” an acoustic interpretation of their debut single that offers a new dimension to their music. This release comes as a prelude to their much-anticipated self-titled debut album, slated for 2024.

Comprised of Zach Rehagen (lead vocals), Ryan Litteken (bass guitar), Carson Kilo (lead guitar), Andrew Martin (drums), and Evan Gay (rhythm guitar), Wisemary’s formation during their high school years has blossomed into a powerful musical collaboration. Their passion for classic rock, combined with influences from diverse genres and icons, has culminated in a sound that’s both fresh and familiar.

Won’t Bow Down Acoustic B-Side” strips back the original track’s intensity, offering a more introspective and raw rendition. The acoustic version sheds new light on the song’s themes of defiance and resilience. Its lyrics, “Hide in the shallows / You circle like a shark / I sold my shadow / So I could leave a mark,” take on a new poignancy when paired with the acoustic arrangement, highlighting the song’s narrative of struggle and empowerment.

This version of “Won’t Bow Down” showcases Wisemary’s versatility as a band. The acoustic setting allows each lyric to resonate more deeply, as the minimalist instrumentation brings the band’s lyrical prowess to the forefront. Lines like “I know what you want / But I won’t feed the beast” and “You treat me like a pawn / When no one made you queen” are delivered with a rawness that amplifies the song’s emotional gravity.

The band’s journey, under the mentorship of Carl Nappa and with the backing of his record label, has been one of transformation and discovery. Their ability to adapt and explore different facets of their music is evident in this release. “Won’t Bow Down Acoustic B-Side” not only diversifies their repertoire but also connects with listeners on a different level, offering a more intimate and reflective musical experience.

Wisemary‘s roots in the blues, alternative rock, and hip-hop heritage of their hometown breathe through their music, and this acoustic rendition is no exception. It echoes the band’s commitment to authenticity and their ability to create music that resonates with a wide range of audiences.

As Wisemary continues to build their presence in the rock scene, “Won’t Bow Down Acoustic B-Side” stands as a testament to their musical evolution. It’s a track that will undoubtedly captivate both old fans and new listeners, serving as a bridge to their upcoming debut album.

Sneak a listen to the new beat here: