Yang-Baby Comes Together With Krema To Drop Sizzling Hit “Mambo”

yang-baby mambo

Yang-Baby Boloman Derkaiser‘s newest release, “Mambo,” seduces its audience with its captivating rhythms. Building on the achievements of his previous tracks like “Nono,” “Mercedes Benz,” and “Mami Dance,” the rapper offers a musical piece that not only celebrates personal growth but also reinforces the spirit of creativity and collaboration.

Diving into the backstory of “Mambo,” Yang-Baby reveals that the song stemmed from a heartfelt desire to honor his late father, who had sadly passed away in 2019, right as the artist was embarking on his musical journey. One of Derkaiser’s ultimate dreams had been to collaborate with him and perform together at a prestigious global music event. Since his father had been a grassroots artist with a talent for playing the guitar and singing, Boloman decided to create this song as a heartfelt tribute to his memory.


Regarding his inspiration, he emphasizes that it wasn’t a random occurrence. While searching through his collection of unfinished musical ideas, none seemed to align with his vision. In pursuit of the perfect sound, he reached out to a talented beat maker named DEM, hailing from Guadeloupe. After DEM crafted the instrumental, Yang-Baby then contacted Krema, detailing his creative vision. Impressed and intrigued, she requested a brief period to grasp how she should interpret the song.

Showcasing his growth as both a musician and rapper, “Mambo” radiates an irresistible energy born from the fusion of vibrant Caribbean rhythms and innovative Hip-Hop elements. Yang-Baby’s adept ability to seamlessly interweave these distinct musical styles creates a profoundly engaging journey, striking a flawless balance between familiar and fresh sound.

Listen to “Mambo” here: