Yizzy and JME’s new video pays tribute to the grime classics

For a style of music born on pirate radio, grime has its fair share of iconic visual moments too. South London MC Yizzy pays tribute to this fact in his “Grime” video. Alongside JME he pays tribute to nearly 20 classic grime videos including playful nods to classic clips from artists including Dizzee Rascal, Stormzy, Kano, Crazy Titch, Chip, and more. At one point JME even pays homage to his brother Skepta as he recreates his “Shut Down” promo.

Speaking about the video, Yizzy said: “I told JME I wanted to do something special for the video, it’s called ‘Grime’ so it needed to showcase the sound and culture of the genre as much as possible. That’s when I decided to do the craziest trip down grime video memory lane…”

“Grime” features on Yizzy’s upcoming Prince Of Grime EP. The project also features previous single “Thierry Henry” and is due on November 13 via Yizzy’s own label RTL.