Yolo Ru Sends a Powerful Message in New Music Video “Enemies”

Yolo Ru dropped a music video for one of his most explosive songs, “Enemies”. The video already has 113K views on YouTube.

Diamond chainz… bourbon…weed…guns…dolla bills…

This ain’t your typical Hip Hop/ Rap music video though. The North Carolina-based rapper starts the song by sending a powerful message to his enemies and his homies who turned into ones. 

After a provoking intro, a heavy beat keeps you amped up ‘till the end. All throughout the track, a combination of skillful wordplay and a fire beat sustains the listener’s focus high. 

What’s remarkable about the music video is that it takes place entirely in a house, which points out to be a symbolic place for Yolo. The artist first started his journey making music and creating beats with his brother Koon Ru, in a home studio at their mother’s house. 

During the 3 minutes of the music video, one thing is clear, Ru Gang wants you to know that they got each other’s back and they’re NOT to be messed with. 

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