You Can Now Add Your Own Loops To Splice Create

You can now find inspiration from Splice’s huge library against the context of your own loops with Splice Create.

Splice has announced that subscribers can now use their AI-powered Create engine to match compatible sounds from the company’s massive library, starting with their own original loop. 

Splice Create is a browser-based tool that allows you to preview a stack of loops against one another, create a loop, and, if you like it, download the session in a variety of popular DAW formats. It’s a highly efficient way to improve search functionality, making it engaging and creative to look for sounds or even start a new track.

Splice Create

With their latest update, you can now add your own loops to Splice Create.

You can now use your own loops with Splice Create

The feature is launched in partnership with platinum-selling record producer Zaytoven (Usher, Gucci Mane, Future, Jack Harlow, The Weeknd). The producer elaborated on the partnership: “It opened my mind up,” he says. It helps me spark ideas. I make so many beats. A lot of times, I can make them start sounding alike because I make so many beats. This helps me expand and think outside of what I would’ve done normally.”

Kakul Srivastava, CEO of Splice, speaking on today’s news: “Splice AI delivers human-made sounds that are compatible with the creator’s original idea, which remains at the center of the creative process. With this tool creators can start with their own sound, select a genre, and Splice’s AI will surface sounds that fit perfectly in seconds. This sets the stage for the next generation of technology advances at Splice, putting powerful tools directly into our users’ existing workflow.”

When Splice released Splice Bridge, previewing sounds in your session became a great deal easier. However, an obvious use case for Splice Create would be to upload your song in a 1, 2, 4, or 8-bar format and find sounds to match your song quicker than you might with Splice Bridge.

Following the recent update to Splice mobile and the introduction of features like Bridge to the desktop app, User Audio “Create with your own Loop” is the next step in Splice’s mission to build features that increase creativity, enhance workflow, and boost efficiency. Create With Your Own Loop brings Splice’s unparalleled library of human-made samples and sounds featuring more than 300 instruments, representing over 130 unique genres of music, right into the user’s workflow, helping to jumpstart creative and artist breakthroughs around the creator’s initial sonic idea.

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26th June, 2024