Young Thug and Gunna turn up for Karlae’s “Jimmy Choo” video

Jerrika Karlae may have entered the public eye as Young Thug‘s fiancee, but the particulars of her personal life aren’t nearly as notable as the music she makes. A talented rapper in her own right, Karlae’s slow-walk of her career has included three singles in 2019 and now her first of 2020, “Jimmy Choo” featuring Young Thug and Gunna.

As the song’s title suggests, “Jimmy Choo” is about reveling in luxury. So naturally, the song’s music video takes place in a mansion with lots of blue-faced $100s and luxury cars to spare. Karlae’s hook is primed for TikTok virality, but her snappy verses shouldn’t be overlooked (“This pussy got Powers, Austin / Your pussy for sale, auction” got me pretty good). Check it out above.