Zedd Closes out Lunar New Year at The Brooklyn Hangar

DEG Presents, Apollo ID and Ignite Group closed out their epic 3-Week Lunar New Year weekend with not one, but two sold-out back to back Zedd shows. And let me tell you this did not disappoint.

As a long-time fan of the (Progressive) House GRAMMY- award winning DJ, he came in to conquer New York City on this President Day Weekend. From his classic hits, to his new tracks, he puts on a show that is enjoyable for the new and retaining fanbase. I have personally seen Zedd’s show for over a decade, and every single time he does something completely different that leaves the crowd in complete awe.

He started his set with his remix to John Summit’s number one song “Where You Are” and the crowd was instantly jumping up and down all the way from the front, to all the way in the back. He immediately went right into a fan favorite “I Want You To Know” with Pop Singer and Actress Selena Gomez, as he shouted into the microphone “sing it!” The crowd was singing every single word. From that moment forward, he did a complete change-up in his set that I was thoroughly ecstatic about. He started playing his own ID remix to “Summertime Sadness” transiting to “The Less I Know the Better” overlaying the track with my personal favorite track that I have not heard him play live in two years, his 2018 summer hit “Happy Now” featuring Eiley Duhè – I was dancing and singing happily just as much as the people next to me.

His LED screens were filled with extraordinary visuals that illuminated all of his tracks perfectly. And if we didn’t think his Co2 and fire cannons were enough, while playing “Beautiful Now”, Zedd fired off balloons from the ceiling, filling up the entire 15,000+ square foot venue. From his classic hits “Stay the Night”, “The Middle”, and “Stay,” the binding music, visuals and scenery made the closing Lunar New Year weekend an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

While (what we thought) he closed out the set to his remix of Empire of the Sun “Alive,” he got off the stage and everyone was cheering for him to come back on. You can’t leave a Zedd set and not hear “Clarity”, which of course was his encore and closer of the night. He made everyone turn on their flashlights, and when Zedd tells you to do something, you do it.

Zedd posted on Instagram:

Thank you, New York, for 2 magical days!!! Can’t wait to come back ♥️.

Thank YOU, Zedd, as it was truly magical. While we’re still waiting for Zedd to release his next new hit or maybe even album, we can’t wait for his return to the big apple.

Photo credit: Ivan ‘Photo Ninja’ Instagram @ai.visuals